Team Sports West is seeking innovative forward thinking, highly skilled, and self-motivated individuals to serve alongside us in our Intern Program.  Duties include various responsibilities from administrative work, prospecting, data compilation, endorsement proposals, etc.  It is our recommendation that each Intern receive academic credit in exchange for the unpaid internship.

Internship Seasons:

Summer (2 Interns):  June – August  (Application Date:  April 1 – May 1)

Fall (2 Interns):  September – December (Application Date:  June 1 – July 1)

Spring (2 Interns):  January – May (Application Date:  October 1 – November 1)

Internship Application Process:

1.  Send RESUME with GPA

2.  Write an ESSAY (800 word minimum) about why you want to work in the sports industry, what your personal mission statement is and what characteristics you posses contribute to your success in the industry.

3.  Create a short VIDEO (30-45 seconds) to display your creativity, selling YOU! Upload it to and include the link in your email.

* Send all 3 requirements to

NOTE:  SEND IN ALL 3 REQUIREMENTS IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED.  Candidates missing any of the 3 components of our application packet, will NOT be considered.  (Please be professional enough to FOLLOW directions!  Details, details, details)